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Joe Rocket Helmets gives you the impression that it is rugged, hard, and tough. Bascially it is the type of helmets that like to be use at all times, in simple rider terms, it like to be “man handle”. As it turn out, there is a reason to this, all Joe Rocket RKT-201 helmet line up are rigorously track tested. Riders such as AMA circuit racer Mat Mladin grinds on the track while wearing none other than the RKT-201. It also gets blasted into the 200MPH realm by Rickey Gadson, defied gravity at the IOM TT by Mark Miller and Jimmy Moore, and put through intensive acrobatic feats and stunts by Kane Friesen. Credentials, the RKT-201 definitely have and more, safety regulation, it pass with flying colors, meeting not only ECE and DOT but SNELL standard as well. The RKT-201 from the 2011 Joe Rocket helmet line is an obvious street-wise choice.

New for 2011 from Joe Rocket helmets are the RKT-201 Prime Vector, RKT-201 Prime Rampage and RKT-201 Solids. These three new helmet are new to the 201 edition of helmet from Joe Rocket and are moderately price at under 200 dollar. Most 200 dollar range helmet are only DOT or ECE approve but not SNELL approve, however, the new Prime Vector, Prime Rampage, and Prime solid not only meet DOT but SNELL standard also, a feat that not every helmet company can claim.

The RKT-201 Prime Vector and Prime Rampage from Joe Rocket represents Joe Rocket’s take no prisoners approach to the helmet market! From the aerodynamic SNELL approved advance composite shell to the advanced 2-stage RapidFire shield system, this RKT is prime to take on all competitors at any given time. Using advanced 3D CAD technology, Joe Rocket make sure all their helmet offer superior fits and comforts. Its channeling ventilation system utilize full front to back air flow. This formation allows flushing of heats and humidity immediately letting cool air in the helmet to cool the rider. With hard coated optically superior 3D shield design, the helmet provides 95 percent U.V. protections against the sun’s harmful ray.

The RKT-201 prime Vector and Prime Rampage also have multiple optional shields available including the RST mirrored, high definition, smoke, gradient pinlock ready, and race shield with tear off post. What makes the new RKT truly amazing is that it is an all year round helmet, meaning with a simple lens change it can also be your snowmobile helmet during winters. All this is possible with the optional dual lens, electric shield or breath guard. With the Joe Rocket helmet, you won’t have to purchase different helmets for different season, this is an all in one helmet, saving you money that you use to purchase other goods. For those that want the safety and technological features of Joe Rocket without the glamours and graphics, the RKT-201 solid provide just that. It offers all the safety from the Prime Vector and Prime Rampage but without the aggressive graphics, plain and simple is the moto of the Prime Solid.

This article provides information on what Joe Rocket offer for the 2011 riding season and offer an insight why Joe Rocket truly deserves a second look and understanding. If you are looking for more information, you can visit At that site videos and many more in depth review of the helmet is provided in addition videos of the helmet could be seen.

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Joe Rocket Motorcycle Helmets

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Joe Rocket Motorcycle Helmets

This article was published on 2011/04/28