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SHOEI is Japanese based leading motorcycle helmet manufacturing company. The Company is famous for their wide range of motor sport helmets. This Company was founded on 17th March 1959.

The founder of this helmet Company is Eitaro Kamata. He has an interesting story. During the year 1954 he founded the Kamata Polyester Co., which manufactured helmets for people working in the construction sector. Later on, it began to develop motorcycle helmets resulting in the birth of SHOEI.

In the year 1960,Motorcycle racing helmets were produced. Since then, it has been recognized by the motorcycle racing arena. They also boasts as the first manufacturing company meeting the Japanese Industrial Standard. Their quality and superior helmets earned more fame and recognition when they joined hands with the Honda Motor Company in the year 1965.

SHOEI helmets have an international reputation and more respected in the USA. But all of their products are produced only in Japan since its origin even though they are popular worldwide. The more surprising fact about This company is that it has only around 500 employees. It is really an inspiring fact that a company with just 500 employees worldwide is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in the world.

They are also consider as the first company to incorporate carbon fiber and kevlar materials in their helmets. Including incorporating Dual Liner Ventilation system and coverless shield system in their helmets. Thus both ventilation and protection are ensured safety. The Snell Memorial Foundation M2005 rating and DOT certified is standard on all of their products.

The latest marvel from SHOEI is the VFX-W off-road helmet. Priced at $560 the new VFX-W is more than an off-road racing helmet. The VFX-W meets all the factors a rider would want. Designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology the VFX-W from offers more protection, efficiency, ease of use and makes no less style statement. Today, SHOEI is one of the most Popular Motorbike Helmets in the world. If you are shopping for a helmet with good name and racing quality, check out this brand and even though its a little expensive, it's worth a look.

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SHOEI Motorbike Helmets

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This article was published on 2010/03/30